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Production Skills Mentorship Fund

One of the many challenges in staging musical productions is finding qualified local technicians and directors who have the skills required to mount musical productions. AFI created the fund to enable organizations mounting a production to engage a student technician or director to be mentored by the production’s counterpart senior technician or director.

These skills will include, but are not limited to:

  • Stage direction
  • Stage management
  • Musical direction
  • Production management
  • Lighting design/staging
  • Sound design/staging
  • Set design/construction
  • Costume design


  • To provide modest financial recognition to individuals who take on the task of mentoring another individual during the course of a musical production,
  • To provide the apprentice with non-financial recognition in the form of a review/critique from the mentor and a letter from AFI as evidence of the training


  • One mentor per production for one person.
  • The maximum amount of funding is $500.00 per production.
  • AFI will consider funding up to four mentors per year. Total $2,000.
  • The application for funding will be signed and submitted by the President, Producer, Manager, Director or Chair of the Board of the requesting organization.
  • Applications are to be submitted, attention of the AFI Chair, to or P.O. Box 535, Nelson, BC V1L 5R3.
  • The AFI Board will determine approval or rejection of the applications

The Application must include the following information:

  1. Name of the producing organization.
  2. Name and position of the individual representing the organization.
  3. Contact information of the organization.
  4. The name of the work being performed.
  5. The dates and venues of the performances.
  6. The name of the mentor.
  7. The name of the apprentice.
  8. The technical skill.
  9. A description of how this mentorship relationship will increase the capacity of the particular skill in the community.

To apply for the Production Skills Mentorship Fund please Email: